Fluid Analysis Equipment

Fluid Analysis Equipment

Series PC – Digital Analyser

Laser Particle Analyser c/w Water Sensor, the Set contains the following: 500ml Bottle Sampler and associated Glassware.  The Particle Counter is suitable for use with both Mineral Oil and Water Glycol Fluids

Series IPC – Inline Particle Counter  

Inline Particle Counter Housed in a Transit Case – The New LPA 3 delivers a comprehensive hydraulic health check in a robust yet perfectly portable package – ensuring the benefits of the lab even when out in the field. Suitable for Mineral Oil and Water Glycol Fluids 

Series 001 – Comparison Microscope Set

Range of Comparison Microscopes Sets  c/w Vacuum Pump,  Glassware, various slides to NAS 1638,. Filters and Membranes to suit,  all housed within a Transit Case (Laboratory Microscope)